Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting 2013 — Minutes

The International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems Board of Directors Meeting 2013

Time and date : 4 November 2013, ‎1 to 5 p.m.‎ Place: Tampa Convention Center, Room 36‎

Invitees: Sally Shoop (President and Deputy General Secretary for the Americas), Peter Kiss (1st Vice President), Hiroshi Nakashima (2nd Vice President), Lutz Richter (General Secretary and Regional Secretary for West Central Europe), R. Paoluzzi (Deputy General Secretary for Europe-Africa), Junya Yamakawa (Deputy General Secretary for Asia-Pacific), Kazuyoshi Tateyama (Former President, Japan, and National Secretary for Japan), Schalk Els (Regional Secretary for Africa and Chair of 12th European Conference in 2012), S. Panigrahi (National Secretary for Canada), J. Ala-Ilomäki (National Secretary for Finland), C. Renou (National Secretary for France), D. Rubinstein, (National Secretary for Israel), Luquan Ren (P.R. China), I. Wasterlund (Regional Secretary for Scandinavia), V. Salokhe (Regional Secretary for Southeast Asia/Pacific), P. Prikner (Regional Secretary for East Central Europe), K. U. Kim (National Secretary for South Korea, Chair of 18th International Conference in 2014, and Editor, The Journal of Terramechanics), A. Keen (National Secretary for United Kingdom), Patricia Morris Sullvian (National Secretary for the United States), Lal Kushwaha (Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Terramechanics), Corina Sandu (Editor, The Journal of Terramechanics), Vladimir Vantsevich (Editor, The Journal of Terramechanics)

Roll call:
Attending: Peter Kiss, Schalk Els, Vladmir Vantsevich, Renee Melendy, Sally Shoop, Lutz Richter, Lal Kushwaha, Tim Carey, Heidi Howard, Corina Sandu, Junya Yamakawa, Hiroshio Nakshima

A quorum is found to be reached as 7 officers are present (meeting attendees in italics above).

(1) Status of action items from last BOD meeting
Approval of minutes of 2012 BOD meeting

2012 minutes comments:‎
Salokhe and Sullivan were not attending. They thus need to be striked out in the attendance list of the 2012 minutes (AI Lutz Richter). Other than that, ‎the minutes are approved.

Actions from last meeting:

  1. Centralize conference planning w/in the ISTVS ‎website (Action GS/DGS-A).
  2. Remove and update Officers on ‎website (Action GS/DGS-A/Jenna Dixon for web, and Chief Editor/Elsevier ‎for JoT).
  3. Implement on-line membership payment option (Action ‎GS/DGS-A/Jenna Dixon).
  4. Part-time paid position for web and business ‎processes/development (Action GS/DGS-A).
  5. Use of excess funds to ‎increase society impact (Action all).
  6. Status of upcoming conference: ‎PISCES (Action GS), Americas (Action DGS-A), International (Action ‎Kim)‎.

Actions status:
AI 1: was done through Sally Shoop, Jenna Dixon, Lutz Richter; new papers review system ‎inaugurated for current regional meeting (Tampa); discussion about difficulties encountered during papers reviews for Tampa; new deadline for ‎papers reviews thus is Jan. 4, allows to send out final proceedings by Feb 1st; Heidi Howard will ask Jenna Dixon to send ‎out a reminder with this new schedule (AI Heidi Howard)
AI 2: ISTVS website updated; printed page in JoT: up to date, Elsevier website: not up to date, still ‎needs some work (AI Lal Kushwaha)‎
AI 3: done; presently, renewals are credited to US account only
AI 4: done (this is Jenna Dixon)‎
AI 5: still open, currently no sustainable way to do this, will be discussed again today
AI 6: done

(2) Vacancies in national and regional secretaries
Way forward for vacancies in posts of national and regional secretaries

Vacancies in officers and secretaries: for the Americas, an opening is coming up for 2nd VP, with elections to ‎be held in the spring. Lal Kushwaha will contact Dror Rubinstein to get his correct contacts (AI Lal Kushwaha). Heidi Howard will ‎talk to Pat Sullivan to hear if she would like to continue as regional secretary (AI Heidi Howard). Roberto Paoluzzi, not attending the meeting in person, highlights via email the importance of timely filling the vacancies or to appoint ad-interim responsible persons.

(3) Revised version of the by-laws
The new version with amendments and modifications passed by the BOD in 2011 has been emailed by the GS ‎to the BOD in January 2013. The GS will now ask Jenna Dixon to put them on the ISTVS website (AI Lutz Richter).

(4) Financial status of the ISTVS

  1. Recent travel restrictions to attend conferences
  2. Recent increases in membership
  3. Financial status of each region: Americas, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific
  4. Ideas to generate income for ISTVS by applying for research funds

‎ad 1: Travel restrictions still in place in the US, Canada; also, JoT Editor-in-Chief and GS now needed ‎support from ISTVS to be able to travel to the Tampa meeting.

‎ad 2: Steady increase in membership, mainly through the online system. The GS reports that the ISTVS now has in excess of 240 ‎members, including from central African nations (such as Nigeria). Schalk Els shows his group’s (now ‎totaling 19 in number) Facebook page.

‎ad 3: Financial status: balance sheets of the three regions (Americas, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific) are attached ‎‎(Asia-Pacific used a different term than a calender year, namely Sept. 1 2012 to Oct 31 2013)‎. Roberto Paoluzzi (via email) reports the transfer of funds to the US secretariat (5,000 Euros) and that the travel expenses for the GS for attending the Tampa meeting were covered by the Europe-Africa secretariat. Roberto Paoluzzi also reports that some fees have been blocked in the Paypal account due to ‎the need to provide valid VAT numbers to Paypal (the US fiscal exempt number is not accepted; negotiations with Paypal are ongoing to resolve the issue).‎

ad 4. The BOD encourages coordinated participation of institutions represented by the ISTVS in competitive research projects, in Europe and other regions, on behalf of the ISTVS. This is seen as a way o generate additional income for the Society.‎

(5) Way forward in proposal to support young researchers

Corina Sandu and Schalk Els present an example of student support in which one of Prof. Sandu’s grad students worked in Prof. Els’s group in Pretoria for a month, and ‎both covered part of the cost. The student had been working on evaluating a specific tyre on different terrains.

Lal Kushwaha proposes that projects contributing to work on terramechanics standards be ‎preferred in selections of receiving ISTVS financial support. The BOD goes on to decide that an ISTVS Research Committee be formed, consisting of the DGS’s chaired by ‎the GS. ISTVS members invited to draft the processes are: Corina Sandu, Schalk Els, Lal Kushwaha, Vladimir Vantsevich (AI Lutz Richter).

Discussion on memberhsip rates for students and retirees who only request electronic access to the ‎JoT. The DGS’s and the GS will pursue a discussion on agreeing on a price (AI Lutz Richter).

Roberto Paoluzzi, via email, proposes establishing a “Greg Bekker Award” issued every third year at the International Conference, ‎and establishing of a Grant Committee. Grant money would be spent to support young (below 40?) researchers ‎and to cover their cost to attend the International Conference with invited lecture and publication ‎in the JoT.‎

(6) Financial statements

  1. The 12th European Conference, Pretoria, South Africa

‎2012 conference financials: the final statement is not available yet as the federal research agency support has still ‎not arrived. The final balance will be emailed to the BOD‎ (AI Schalk Els).

(7) Status of upcoming conferences

  1. Planning status of the 18th International Conference
  2. Venue of the 13th European Conference (Sardinia proposed) (2015)

Tampa regional meeting: Heidi Howard and Tim Carey report that 58 attendees have registered, from 13 countries. A total of 85 people ‎are listed for the NASA tour on Nov. 7 (including from the ASA meeting). The BOD thanks Heidi and Tim for their excellent organisation of the meeting, despite the difficulties encountered by the recent travel restrictions.

Status of upcoming conferences:

South Korea 2014: Prof. Kim has emailed a flyer (attached). [Conference site is live. /jd]

Sardinia 2015 as the venue for the 13th Regional Europe-Africa conference in 2015: Massimo Martelli provides the following update:‎

‎"Preliminary contacts with hosting structures in Sardinia started.‎ Contacts with Italian Army for a visit to the site nearby Baia ‎Chia.‎ Due to availability and cost reasons, the dates could be:‎
‎Last week of September 2015 (from Sep 28 to Oct 2), or, more ‎likely,‎
‎First week of October (from Oct 5 to Oct 9).‎

In case of impossibility to find a suitable accommodation in ‎Sardinia,‎ Rome could be an alternative option.”

The proposal for Sardinia as well as the status of its planning are unanimously ‎supported by the BOD and the approval given to the Italian organisers to proceed with the planning.

‎2016: Asia-Pacific / Americas regional meeting: a proposal would be made in time for the 2014 ‎conference in Seoul, with Thailand being a possibility. Also in 2016, a regional Americas conference would be held. A proposal ‎from Canada (Montreal) is reported on but this would only be for an Intl’n meeting.‎ Prof. Kiss puts forward a proposal to host the 2017 International Conference in Hungary.

(8) Report on the Journal of Terramechanics

  1. Impact factor development
  2. Review process and number of papers
  3. Encouraging more special issues (discussion from 2011 BOD meeting)
  4. Tally of online-only subscriptions
  5. New features offered by Elsevier

JoT status by Lal Kushwaha: the number of submissions is reported to be steady but rejection rates have been going up ‎‎(acceptance rate down to ~40%). Not too many manuscripts have been received from Japan recently. The journal’s impact factor has again ‎dropped. Laney Zhou is now the executive publisher (no longer Joe d’Angelo)‎.

(9) Reports of the technical groups on robotic vehicles / rovers and on standards

  1. Robotics group
  2. Group on standards

Robotics group update provided by the GS: an MOU has been signed between ISTVS and the Pacific Rim PISCES organisation based in Hawai’i. Through this collaboration, a visit has been organised at the “SwampWorks” lunar surface systems technology lab at the Kennedy Space Center on the day of the Tampa conference tour on Nov. 7. Some time ago, the ISTVS robotics group has already completed an inventory of test labs and test ‎methods used in the development of planetary rovers.

Standards committee update: Shmilo Shmulevich, Iwan Wasterlund, Corina Sandu have been constituting it since the topic was last discussed (at the 2011 conference). The BOD proposes that the group’s theme should ‎become part of the newly suggested research projects sponsored by the ISTVS (the Research Committee created at the present BOD meeting, see above) (AI Lutz Richter). The terramechanics / ISTVS glossary should be placed ‎on the ISTVS website *(AI Jenna Dixon)‎. *

(10) Award committee for 2014 International Conference

The committee will shortly be soliciting proposals for the awards to be presented at the upcoming International Conference in Seoul, South Korea, as planned.

(11) Collaboration with other societies

  1. MOU with FISITA
  2. MOU with PISCES

FISITA-ISTVS MOU: the GS will check again with Gen. Hohl on the signature status (AI Lutz Richter).

PISCES-ISTVS MOU: has been signed in March, 2013 (see above).

(12) ISTVS website and proceedings

  1. Contents and functionalities of the website: is there any point or content to be improved?
  2. Accessing paper abstracts from conferences and assigning ISBN numbers for proceedings (raised by I. Wasterlund, see also Action from last BOD meeting)
  3. Subscriptions renewal and collection of membership dues

ad 2. Wolfgang Fervers has been handling the sales of proceedings, with varying numbers of copies per proceedings. The BOD decides that 3 hard copies are enough for the centralized storage, ‎gradually all will be converted into electronic media and will receive an ISBN. Sally Shoop and Renee Melendy will assemble what North America regional ‎conferences proceedings they can find and ship them to Fervers. (AI Sally Shoop / Renee Melendy).

Any other topics

Strategy for ISTVS: ideas welcome by the BOD and everyone on ISTVS! Suggestions include: regional students chapters, Baja teams, more professional development (courses in ‎conjunction with conferences).